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A Weary Single Mother’s Paraphrase of Psalm 23


As I walk this valley that death has led me to
The shadows taunt me
Fear lurks behind me
I can feel his hot breath on my skin
The echoes of solitude ring in my ears as
He whispers I am alone
I tremble
If I hesitate for just one moment
I will crumble
Oh! For strong hands to steady me
Oh! For strong arms to lift me up
I close my eyes
It is better to walk by faith and not by sight
For the shadows are not what they appear to be
They are distortions of the reality
Indeed this valley it is necessary
It is part of my journey
But it is not my destiny
It was chosen for me
So I must tarry on
heel toe heel toe
I may stumble
But I will not fall
I may get weary
But I will not stall
I will march
And I may crawl
But through it all
I am not alone
My companions
Are merciful and good
My cup is full and runs over
My enemy is present
But cannot overtake me
My path though dark at times
Is straight and clear
My guide is ever near
This valley that death has lead me through
It is not my home
I will carry on…..

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