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I Saw God Today

I saw a man today
His hands were cold,
His jacket,old
His skin weathered
His eyes were grey
I’m sure he had seen better days
I don’t know his story
But I know he likes cheesecake

And another
His jacket said Ronnie
His shirt said Larry
We shared a laugh when he said his name was really Joe
I don’t know if that’s true
But I know he likes his coffee black

A lady, her voice quiet
She was polite
I looked her in the eyes
I caught a glimpse of how they used to shine
Her smile was kind
I don’t know where all she had been but I know she likes sweet tea

These people I met
They didn’t know me
I didn’t know them
But for a moment we were friends
I don’t know if I will ever see them again
But one thing I know

I saw God today
He was hungry He was cold
He was young He was old
His presence pierced my soul
We shook hands and we talked
And I watched him as he walked away
I don’t know when I’ll see him again
But for now I know
I saw God today and He was beautiful….

Thanksgiving 2014
Serving at a dinner for the homeless and less fortunate.

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