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The Trail

Life gets so busy, noisy, chaotic,

It’s time to steal away,

Quieten my thoughts,

Calm my spirit,

Feed my soul.

I go to the woods,

My feet hit the trail.

The clamor of life is lingering.

I pause,

Taking deep heavy breaths,

Exhaling slowly, methodically,

Until everything fades.

Hello serenity, I have been longing for you,

Let’s walk for a while.

The slight breeze dances gently on my skin,

The crunch of Autumn past echoes under my feet,

Winter had her way but Spring is springing!

April showers have left the ground refreshed,

The richness of the earth permeates the air,

Ah, she is coming alive again.

Two birds exchange conversation as I walk by.

I don’t know their language,

But their words are intentional.

The sun peaks through the trees,

Her warmth embraces me.

My attention goes to a not so distant crackling.

Its huge! is it a bear?

No, just a squirrel scurrying to find dinner to store away.

I chuckle.

The dwarf crested irises are blooming.

I thank my Lord for placing some on my path.

I see red out of the corner of my eye.

Fantastic fungi, elf cups.

3 miles have passed,

The dirt turns to pavement.

My heart is full,

My soul, restored.

My spirit, thankful for the peace that consumes me.

Farewell trail, we will meet again soon.

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