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How Dark the Darkness

Humans. We argue. We debate. We demand. We all want our way.

Christians. We quote scripture. We condemn. We judge.

We cry out “SINNER!” while we sit hidden in our corner praying the light doesn’t expose our own darkness.

What is darkness? What is sin?

We pick and choose our arguments.


We commit adultery…

Every single time we lust after another man/woman’s spouse.

Every single time we watch pornography.

Secretly. Openly. Blatantly.

Lust is lust.

We preach salvation and forgiveness yet out of the same mouth we tell a mother she is cut off from her family because she chose to leave a marriage that stripped her of every bit of her decency.

We sit on the church pew on Sunday morning and then go home and verbally, emotionally, and yes…even sexually abusive our husbands and wives.

We worship entertainment all the while raging when we provide for the needy.

We despise the woman who made a choice we boldly disagree with while we justify putting our daughters on birth control and feel righteous about our decision.

We scorn the drug addict while we pop our prescription valium to make it through our day.

We lie. We cheat. We steal. We are envious.

Isn’t the greatest commandment of all to love?

Yet we hate our brothers and sisters due to the color of their skin.

We shun others because of their socioeconomic status.

We shame those who are struggling, broken, addicted.

We bully. We ridicule. We laugh at the expense of others.

No one is safe, social media makes dang sure of that!

Yet we are perfect…right?

Or at least isn’t their darkness darker than our own?

Yet if not for grace, how dark would my darkness be?


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