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Venture On


Sometimes the trail we venture on

Is the wilderness of our own heart

At times we see our path clearly before us

Other times may require some bush whacking through the untouched growth that hinders our way

The effort can be immense

Yet crucial

The discoveries priceless

On my journey

I have listened to the melody of my own song and

Struggled at times to stay in tune

I have climbed the mountains of fear and failure and

Beheld the summits of my own freedom

I have gazed with wide wonder at the valleys below me

Knowing that without them the view would be barren

I have rejoiced as the sun arose to shine hope on my desolation

I have trembled as he left me alone in the company of my own darkness

I have cried a little

Prayed much

Laughed often

I have been enlightened

And disheartened

I have embraced wholeheartedly

I have let go gracefully

My destination is authenticity

To be true to myself and to others

To live fully alive with zeal and passion

To love with abandon

To accept others for who they are and

For where they are along their own journey

To be a light in someone else’s darkness

Even when it hurts

To cherish the ones that come my way

Whether for a moment, a season or a lifetime

To accept my own humanness

Strengths, weaknesses and even the frightening places

To unearth the good buried in the depths of all human hearts

To sow with them and watch them blossom

To venture on regardless of the terrain

With faith


Courage, boldness


To venture on and discover

All the hidden treasures that dwell within

I venture on.

(picture taken somewhere along the way on the Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail, May 2015)

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