27 Feb


A sunny day
Same old routine
A sea of faces
A stolen look
A captured glance
It was only a matter of time
Forbidden moments
Hearts and lives forever intertwined
I was yours
You were mine
If only in those moments. Connected

Days passed
Time brought changes
Memories with smiles
Others tear stained
Life went on and the miles grew longer
Thoughts of you remained. Connected.

A call a chance
And in an instant
In your arms
The kiss of your lips
The touch of your hand
3 years 3 months and 20 days
Melted away
We talked
We laughed
We shared
We sighed
The sands of the hourglass
Sifted slowly by
But for that moment
Once again
I am yours
You are mine. Connected.

No matter the hours or the days
No matter what life brings our way
No matter who
or Where
For a moment. Connected.

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