Along My Way

09 Sep

old man walking

It was a sunny day

When I met a man along my way.

I didn’t catch his name but it was all the same,

I knew his worth

90 years since his birth.

He laughed as he told a joke or two

I listened and I laughed too.


I bid him farewell

Yet he followed me out and I could tell,

He had a story to share

So l lent him my ear.

He smiled as he talked of his children

5, all grown

Not far from home

He also had grandchildren of his own.

I didn’t catch their names but it was all the same

I knew their worth,

By the sparkle in his eyes

These treasures that money can’t buy.

I listened and I smiled too.


He paused and looked me deep in the eyes,

He almost began to cry.

He asked me if I knew of pain

That cuts deep like a knife

He talked of his wife,

68 years sharing life.

I didn’t catch her name but it was all the same.

I knew her worth

The loveliest woman ever put on planet earth!

His countenance aglow

As his mind wandered through time and space,

I did not catch the place

Where his thoughts remained,

But it’s all the same.

In his silence I knew of its worth

This place that needed no words

I listened to the quietness

And I cried a little too.


It was time to go and we said our goodbyes,

He shook my hand gently and let out a sigh,

I’m not sure why

But he said it looked like rain

Although it was a sunny day.

I didn’t catch his name but it’s all the same.

I knew the worth

Of this moment in time,

I saw a stranger’s heart

And it touched mine

For a moment our lives intertwined

I too sighed as I walked away

And I thought of rain on this sunny day

And this man I met along my way.

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