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Chapstick and God

Chapstick and God

 There are some things in life that are essential. Things that we feel are necessary to make our days flow smoothly. These could be as diverse as the people that are in the world. For me, my “must have” (of course besides the basic food, water, shelter, clothing, hugs from your babies and chocolate) is chapstick. If you visit my home, you will see that in just about every room of the house you will find at least one tube, and most likely it will be Pucker –ups Pomegranate flavor because it is my ultimate favorite. Lots of jokes and puns have been tossed my way about my favor for chapstick. Some have called me an addict, have said I am obsessed, OCD, or it is my security blanket. Others have even declared the need for it is “all in my head” and is just a habit I need to break. Well, tell that to my lips when they are parched and need some nourishment! My oldest has told me that when she grows up she is getting a tattoo of a tube of chapstick to remember me by, and her friends have graciously nicknamed me “chapstick.” So, whatever the proper term for my obsession with this tiny little tube that brings such satisfaction (hey, some people smoke cigarettes, I apply the chapstick.:o)  ) the fact of the matter is that if I don’t have it within hands reach when I want it, things can get pretty tricky.

 You can set at my computer desk and find a tube or two, on the nightstand beside my bed, on the kitchen counter (a mother of four spends a lot of time in the kitchen!) in the basket in the bathroom, at least two tubes in my purse at all times and the red desk in my living room is most always adorned with a tube. It is comforting to  know that when I want it, it is very accessible to me. I couldn’t count the times that I have gone on a relentless pursuit throughout the house to find one of the many tubes that I know exist in my possession. And oh the delight I have experienced when I put on a pair of pants and feel something in the pocket and to my surprise it is a long lost tube rediscovered. So the conclusion is simple. I must have chapstick! My lips would dry up and wither away without it!

 As I was gathering my things for work this morning, taking one last walk through the house, I turned to walk out of my bedroom and noticed two tubes  lying in the floor beside my bed. I chuckled at myself admitting that my addiction is somewhat overboard, grabbed my coat and headed for the door. It was then that a still, small voice spoke deep within my being and said, “Do you desire me like you desire that chapstick.” Immediately the warmth of His presence filled my surroundings as I stopped dead in my tracks to listen further. Thus began my conversation with God of heaven and earth about chaptsick. He proposed to me these questions.  “Is my presence in your life as important to you as chapstick? What if you went to the same lengths to ensure my accessibility to you as you do those dainty little tubes of pleasure?” Is your pursuit of me as relentless as that of a bunch of wax mixed with flavor? Is fellowshipping with me a delightful habit or a religious burden done in hopes of justification. Am I a “must have” in your life or do you even miss me if I am not around?”

 I stood  in awe as He spoke to me. I had just asked Him in my prayer time (aka morning shower) to say something to my heart today, to remind me of His presence in my life. It had been too long since I had felt His gentle nudging or heard His sweet voice and I had realized during my devotion time that I hadn’t even missed Him. My feelings would have been hurt if the situation was reversed and I was the one who had been ignored or looked over. Perhaps I would have waited a little longer than He to grant a request. Yet in His faithfulness He promptly responded and used something as simple as chapstick to get my attention. Will I remember the conversation, well of course I will. Will I be Sally spiritual and remember it all the time, well heck no. Yet there will be times when I reach for that must have tube of addiction and I will think of my heavenly Father and His grace and love for me. I will think of the pursuit that HE desires from me. I will meditate upon the necessity of His presence and guidance in my life. I will be ever-so mindful of the nourishment that only He can give to my soul. And I will smile as I put on my chapstick.  🙂

 Psalm 63:1-8

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