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30 Dec

In light of another year coming to a close, I don’t want to make resolutions that I’m not going to keep. Instead, I have spent time reflecting on some things I have learned in the past 41 years…in random order. Of course I am not saying these are the “absolute truths” just some conclusions I have drawn while living life in my shoes. :o)

With God all things ARE possible, yes, but that doesnt always mean all things are going to happen, no matter how much you pray for it, cry for it or desire it.

The less expectations you have, the less dissappointment you will have in your life.

If you have asked God to change things about you for at least 30 years and He hasn’t yet, chances are He isn’t going to. There are several things I would change about me, but He doesn’t seem to see it the same way I do. ugh!

Life has some hard lessons to learn. Don’t let one (or many) failures cause you to quit the course.

The less you need of people, the less they will give.

Independence is a good thing, but don’t be too stubborn to ask for help when you need it.

Hope itself an oxymoron. Sometimes it seems like it is a fairy tale wish that never comes true, but if you have no hope, you have no strength to go on.

Putting your hope in what tomorrow may or may not bring is foolish and a waste of time. Tomorrow never comes, it is always a day away.
If you want something out of life, do something to achieve it. Sitting around and waiting will never accomplish anything.

Treating others the way you want to be treated is always the best approach to take. It doesn’t mean you will always get the same in return but is does mean that you can lay your head down at night and know that you have done what is right.

The bible says that you reap what you sow. Good or bad. Some harvests come more quickly than others.

Even the best friendships go through distant times and change, but true friendships will endure through it all.

I dont believe in soulmates. There is too much divorce for that to be true. I do believe however that two people can love each other, be compatible, have a trusting friendship and make a great, lasting relationship. It will take work, understanding, and selfless acts from both parties but the benefits in the end will be priceless.

Dont judge a book by its cover. Unless you take the time to read the story you have no idea whats written on the pages.

Always try to understand where the other person is coming from. It will help you to not over-react or misjudge or get your feelings hurt quite as much.

Don’t take eveything personal. It’s not always all about you.

Your children are your most precious investment, far above anything else. Never regret the lengths you have to go to for them, even when they are mean, selfish and act like they don’t care. One day they will cherish each effort and moment you sowed into thier lives.

Be happy with yourself and don’t look to others to find your worth or importance. Sometimes their opinions may leave you feeling bankrupt.

Forgiveness is essential in keeping a healthy heart and mind. Bitterness and hate is self destructive.

True beauty isnt measured by what you look like but by who you are and what you do. I have met many physically attractive people, yet when I was able to get to know them and how they treat others, I discovered their character to be butt ugly.

Personality and character are two different things. We can’t and shouldn’t be expected to change our personality…that is how God wanted us to be or He never would have made us that way.

Our character on the other hand is a different story or He wouldnt have made the point to say, ” A good name is better than riches.” Learning the difference between the two is liberating!

Life is never fair. Learning to accept that as early as possible will deliver you from much un-needed stress, bitterness and skepticism.

God is always just. You might not always like or understand the way He does things, but you can always count on it being the right way.

God can handle when you are mad at Him or frustrated and it’s okay to talk to Him about it. He likes conversation.

Being nice matters. Even when those you are nice too aren’t nice back. No matter how tempted you are to go ape crazy white girl on some very deserving soul, don’t! You will regret it later (well in most cases, ha)

People might not remember everything you do for them, but they will remember how you make them feel. Go the extra mile to make someone else feel important and loved. You may be the only one who does.

Life gets too busy. MAKE the time to spend with those you love. Every lasting relationship takes effort.

Mean people suck.

Sometimes life is overwhelming and unbearable, but the alternative isn’t any better.

God and chocolate are the answer to everything. ;o)

The older I get, the more I learn, but the less I know. So there will be more to come…..Happy New Year! :o)

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