Reflections of another year…

01 Jan

2011. Eventful. Many blessings. Numerous heart aches. Difficult challenges. Necessary changes.

Welcomed new friendships and relished in the time spent cultivating the beauty of loyalty and companionship.

Cherished long-time friendships and rested in the security of seasoned love and commitment.

Said goodbye to some dear friends and felt the ache of the reality that life really doesn’t last forever.

Watched my children stand with enormous courage and faith as they had to say goodbye to their father and watched their tears fall from the ache of missing him.

Walked in the warmth of contentment of times of peace.

Woke up to the icy chill of loneliness.

Learned that asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak, it only means you are human.

Realized that some things may never change, it’s how willing I am to adjust that will make a difference.

Discovered that there isn’t too much variation in “who I am” and “who I want to be”. And that I’m okay with that.

Experienced the truth that God looks at things a whole lot different than we do sometimes. He isn’t a grudge holder. And when He has said something, He means it and will be faithful to follow through.

There is a fine line between faith and reality, and it’s easy to lose your balance sometimes and God understands that more than we think He does.

Learned the hard way that I really can endure more than I think I can, but it doesn’t mean that I like it!

If you want something, be willing to give it first. Our good deeds never go unnoticed by the One who really counts.

Kindness isn’t weakness. Only stupid people make that presumption.

Everyone needs love but not everyone will let you love them.

I have the right to say no (although I don’t do it very often – carrying that effort over to the new year!)

There is no greater satisfaction than that of knowing you have done what is right, despite the fact that you still want to cut somebody.

Can honestly say that fervently petitioning the God of heaven for what seems impossible, absolutely works!

Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is my friend. He loves me because of who He is. He helps me. He provides for me. He blesses me and He forgives me when I act like a dummy.

Never take those you love for granted. Life can rain on your parade at any given moment (or in my experiences lately, send a treacherous storm that can turn everything upside down).

Learned that I hate cancer and the destructive path it leaves in its wake.

I have what I need and God will take care of the rest.

I can make it through anything as long as I have God, my babies, family, friends, tequila, tuna subs and chocolate (and a sense of humor always helps!)

So as I brace myself for the New Year and the challenges that are already present before we even got started, I say with a grateful heart – Whew! Thanks! and let’s go!

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