It Goes On

16 Jan

Every now and again I like to record some things that I pick up on this journey called life….and these are completely random.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder….I say it can hurt like hell, but your heart will toughen up

The things you think you can’t do… really can if you have to

You get wounded…but the pain heals and the scars can be a beautiful reminder of where you have been

You can capture a moment…but the clock keeps ticking

You may think you fallen in love…but when you get back up you realize you have just tripped over emotion

True love is a choice

Love is the most powerful force I know…yet sometimes it just isn’t enough

The thing you fear the most…you face every day and conquer it with ease

The rose will bud, and then bloom…. Take the time to relish its beauty because soon the petals fall to the ground to make room for the next blossom

Sometimes it rains…inside and out

Eternity is real…but nothing lasts forever

Sometimes you do things you didn’t think you would EVER do….its okay! Everyone makes mistakes

Sometimes those mistakes will be the best conversation starter years on down the road

Most of the time your worst enemy is yourself

Laugh out loud at least once every day…it truly is the best medicine

A woman can survive a lot of things…but she absolutely can’t make it through life without faithful girlfriends!

It’s amazing how therapeutic writing can be…..

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