04 Jan


Dreams …An escape from reality
Taking you to places that you long to be
But, sometimes mine..they take me back
To Places so old
Places so cold
A little girl crouched in fear
A young lady fighting back the tears
A wife, distraught, striving for good
A minister, fallen, from the priestly-hood
A woman desperate and searching for love
Shaking her fists at the skies above
A mother determined to take care of the needs
A widow whose hidden heart still bleeds
So many wounds
So many chains
So afraid things will remain the same
The past , it haunts
It stabs and taunts
It can leave you hurting
Feeling alone…

A gentle hand on my shoulder to shake
I open my eyes and my soul does awake
The light seeps through
My heart skips a beat
I feel Him lift me to my feet
Arise my love and face the day
Your many sins have been washed away
Your chains are gone
Your slate is clean
Those familiar fears
Was just a dream
You’re not alone
For you have me
And yes my dear, I am all you need
No matter what may come your way
Together we will face each day
Awake, arise
Stand strong, stand tall
It was just a dream after all…

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