I trust you….

05 Jan

I trust you....

Before the sun shows his light over the horizon, I lift up my eyes unto you, Oh God, maker of heaven and earth, Almighty eternal King, the One who was, and is and is to come, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, my heavenly Father and my closest Friend. My Spirit resonates with praises to you who is worthy beyond the feeble words I can sing. Your mercies greet me anew and once again I declare my eyes are fixed on You and I trust you.

I trust you Lord to guide me on the path that leads only to you.

I trust you with my children (and grand-children), for you have a destiny for each of their precious souls and I stand firm in the promises you have spoken no matter how dark things appear to be at times.

I trust you with my health as I do everything I can to treat my body right.

I trust you with my mind, to cleanse my thoughts and cast down any that contradict you and your Word.

I trust you with, not only with my life as a whole, but with everyday living, the little things that come my way each day.

I trust you with my security, for your angels guard us and keep clear our paths from destruction.

And Lord, oh Lord, I trust you with my heart. It is yours to hold safely and securely while you continue to mold me and make me. When those moments come that I need comfort, that I need companionship, that I need arms wrapped around me to shelter me from the storm, I trust that it is you Lord who will faithfully come to my rescue.

With a joy unspeakable and full of glory, with a peace that passes all understanding, with complete confidence and assurance, I say to you oh Lord, good morning and I trust you.

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