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Of Rocks, Trees and a Beloved Savior

Of Rocks, Trees and a Beloved Savior

I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me. Song of Solomon 7:10

I recently had the opportunity to visit Grayson Highlands State Park, 4522 acres of gorgeous terrain in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia. With every hiking adventure that I go on, I’m always amazed at all of the beauty we encounter with each step on the trail. Our first stop was Big Pinnacle which reaches 5068 feet elevation. Rocky cliffs decorated with various wildflowers, moss and shrubbery adorn the pinnacles edge and are perfect for climbing and exploration. We ventured up the trail and over to Little Pinnacle which is 5089 feet elevation. You can see breathtaking views for miles and miles from both of these pinnacles! Our final destination for the day would be Cabin Creek Falls, unique in their own sense with two cascades resembling a heart shape as they flow downward in a slanted motion, meeting at the bottom and emptying into the icy cold pool.

The best words I could choose to describe this area is simply the hills are alive with music! The forest landscape was filled with the greenest green I have ever seen; beds of ferns as inviting as a pillow-top mattress; an assortment of wildflowers painting the green canvas with color; fire honeysuckle that shone as bright as the noon day sun; jack in the pulpits and trilliums galore. One couldn’t help but to remain in a constant state of awe with each new discovery. Sights, sounds, smells – my senses were alive and dancing with the harmonious melody of nature.

A few days before our trip, a trail friend had shared a picture with me of a tree that was growing around this rock. It resembled something from a magical land of elves and kings, and the anticipation of laying my eyes on this sight was growing inside of me. As we descended from Little Pinnacle, coming down the hill and around the corner, there he stood! Magnificent! Bewitching! Stunning! Handsome! I was overwhelmed and had to fight back the tears that desperately flooded my eyes. The way this tree had formed himself around this rock was remarkable. The way he had wrapped his roots around her and planted himself firmly in the ground, astonishing. I stared for what seemed like eternity as I was transported back to times passed. A time when this rock had stood alone in the forest, unique in her own sense, however bare and exposed. Somewhere from on high, a seed looked down and fell in love! He observed her vulnerabilities laid open for all to see as she stood there, unprotected from the elements around her. He settled in his heart the desire to leave his home on the tree, to exchange his life as a seed and become the mighty tree she needed. To come down to where she dwelt, fall upon her, break open and plant himself in the depths of her being. He knew his destiny was to love her, to be her guard and protect her forever. He would embrace her and shelter her from any storm that came her way. He would become her shield and companion; he would belong to her and her to him.

In a moment of time I saw centuries pass before my eyes and was taken back to yet another hill. A place called Golgotha where my Savior hung, naked on a cross, broken and spilled out for me. He had looked down from his home on high and saw me, standing alone, bare and exposed to the sin that threatened my existence. His desire for me caused him to leave where he was and come to where I dwelt. He planted his love in the depths of my being as he wrapped his arms around me and embraced me. He became my protector, my shield, my companion. He exchanged his life as king of existence to become my savior, to belong to me and I to him, forever. Oh my, the revelation that stirred in my heart. I wanted to shout! To cry! To lay myself prostrate on the ground and worship my Lord.

It never fails that with each hike I discover a new part of me that has been planted in the portals of time and has been patiently awaiting my encounter. On this day, I found myself in a rock, embraced by a tree somewhere in the southern highlands of Virginia.

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Celebrating Easter…YES! Jesus Loves Me

Celebrating Easter...YES! Jesus Loves Me

“Jesus Loves me this I know, For the Bible tells me so,
Little ones to him belong, They are weak but He is strong.”

I’m sure that any of us that have even a smidgen of a church background knows this tune. How many times have we recited it with no more of a thought of what we are saying than if we were singing the “give me back my filet o fish give me my fish” McDonald’s jingle? (I’m guilty!) Early in the wee-morning hours, I awoke with this song playing over and over in my head. I was somewhat sleepy and just wanted to drift back into never-land, when I felt that all too familiar (and wonderful) nudge to plunge deeper into the portals of my spirit and answer the question:

Jesus Loves me…How do I know?…..only because the Bible tells me so? My sleepy soul arose as if out of a deep slumber as I answered – I know because –

Every morning when I open my eyes, the sweet presence of the Father is there to greet me and He goes with me throughout the day.

Sometimes He is a silent companion that I know “has my back!”

Sometimes He asks me questions that I know my answer is pretty much null and I’m headed towards a life lesson.

Sometimes we embark on a conversation concerning others and how much they need Him.

Sometimes we talk about how much I need him.

Sometimes we just talk about things like the sky, pretty flowers, magnificent trees, slimy snails, thunderstorms, the ocean, seashells and chocolate, sweet chocolate…

Sometimes we laugh together and sometimes He holds me when I cry.

Sometimes He waits patiently as I try to figure something out.

Sometimes He speaks loudly when He wants my attention to do something for Him.

Sometimes He speaks softly just to remind me that He is there.

Sometimes I just can’t help but to sing to Him because He is so worthy!

Sometimes I am just speechless as I stand in awe of His magnificence.

Sometimes He helps me to help others make it through their day.

Sometimes He just helps me to make it through mine without going all Bloomingdale on some deserving fellow human ;p

Sometimes He compels me to do peculiar things (like stopping in the pouring rain to give an umbrella to a complete stranger)

Sometimes He compels others to do peculiar things for me (like bring me fresh flowers or truffles or tires for my van)

Living a life in relationship with the Master of the Universe, Creator of all things, Most Holy, Almighty Living God – well sometimes you just don’t know what the day will bring…

But ALL times I know one thing – HE IS WITH ME!

Through thick and thin, good and bad, struggles and victories – He is always, always with me!

From the minute I open my eyes, to when I lay my weary head down to rest, He is with me.

Even when I sleep, He is watching over me!

I know that I know that I know – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that Jesus loves me!! Otherwise He would have never given his life in order for me to experience the gift of this “ever-present” presence of my wonderful God and Father! It was love that gave him the strength to endure the beatings. It was love that led him up that hill. It was love that kept him nailed to the cross and it was love that invaded the depths of hell and took back what belonged to me in the first place – unbroken fellowship with the Father! From the moment the curtain was torn in twain from the top to the bottom, His omnipresence broke the boundaries of time and space and inhabited the hearts and lives of all those who call out to Him.

Do you know that Jesus loves YOU? How do you know? Did you read it? Has someone just told you that He does? Or do you live everyday knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that His blood was shed for YOU? Do you know that you know that you know that YES! Jesus loves you!

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